Frog in my Apartment

Inspired by something that happened when I lived in Orlando. I entered my bedroom, planning to sleep, when I noticed on my windowsill…a wild frog appeared! Not sure how it got in, and definitely the weirdest “intruder” I’ve seen in my home (bugs, lizards, crazy cousins, even a squirrel once). I spent a good while trying to catch it, but it would keep hopping from one place to another every time the shoebox got near. Very startling, though I’m sure it feared me more than the other way around. Eventually I got it! But me being me, I wrote a poem about the whole incident. Started it back in summer 2014 when I met the little guy, but never got around to finishing it until 2016. Still, the message of the poem is very relevant to where we’re at today.

“Frog in my Apartment”

I wanna sleep man
I really do
But a frog in my apartment is hopping
What do I do,
What do I do?

Hey little frog there
Tell me ‘bout you

May 9, 2016
-Bilal Moon


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