Build-up Poems (first edition)

These “Build-up Poems” are short, 5-line poems, with the first line being one word and each successive line a word longer. A good exercise in describing every day things or occurrences in concise yet powerful ways by where the emotion builds up line to line. Here’s the first three I’ve written.

“Until You See Your Face in the Plate”

And yet,
Taken for granted
Waste of a treasure.
For which many but dream

September 8, 2016
-Bilal Moon

“Wednesday Afternoon Break”

Cool breeze,
Geyser fountain eruptions,
The sun, it shines,
This miraculous moment. It shines

September 14, 2016
-Bilal Moon

“The Places She’ll Go”

New mother,
Your baby girl
Enters a world where
Opportunity and hard work dance

October 28, 2016
-Bilal Moon

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