The only thing we have to fear is…


Fear me,
Before I tell you my name
Before I remove the phantom of the opera mask hiding the truth

Fear my eyes,
Before you taste the fruits of my soul
Fly away like frightened crows

Fear my lips,
Before my words tear through the stitches
And drop blood on your ears

Fear the quicksand floor beneath me
Lest it sink your sense of normalcy
Fear the impending storm above
Lest it drown everything you love
So fear me.

The dark hallway between us,
Fear the floorboard
And the thunderous
Fear the bone chill whispers of the wind through the window
The walls inching closer
Fear the
On the door
Fear the snakes suffocating its handle;
The spiders seeping through the cracks;
The shining light below
Will blind you
Fear what lies behind the door
That which you cannot see
That which you do not know,

Do not come closer;
Do not ask questions;
Do not allow me the chance to speak
Let fear petrify you
In that dark hallway
You remain,
Let fear consume you;
Let fear guide you,
Away from me –
Back into the darkness.

March 22, 2017
-Bilal Moon

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