By Time, Indeed Man is in Loss

“By Time, Indeed Man is in Loss”

Sometimes I dream time has frozen.
Then I awake to my bedside clock
Melting like a persistent memory

Sometimes I dream of epic snowball fights in Antarctica with an army of penguins
I wonder how they’ll shape snowballs with slippery flippers,
Sometimes I dream those penguins have fingers,

Sometimes my fingers are frozen and the night is young
Other times they open like floodgates
And the sunrise greets a newborn poem
I live on the corner of inspiration and writer’s block
I have stayed here all my life,
It feels like a day or part of a day,
I know the place like I’ve been here for years,

Sometimes I can feel the earth spinning
This tends to happen in moments of tears
Other times the hours overstay their welcome
This too happens in moments of tears.

Sometimes I dream I’ll wake up and be
15 again, be
4 again, be
18 again, be
10 again, be
Yesterday again.
It has been but seconds since yesterday waved goodbye
Tomorrow will not wave hello for another millennium
Today I will live
Today I will dream.

Sometimes I dream
Sometimes I have lived

May 5, 2017
-Bilal Moon

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