Curious Case of the Cat

“Curious Case of the Cat”

I was a bright-eyed kitten,
The world in my paw like a ball of yarn
I spun tales of epic proportions
Possibilities bound by my limitless imagination
Wild dreams erupting in my mind like wildfires
Surfing volcanoes like I smoked the snow tops of Colorado
Scorched trail behind me
Open road ahead
Questions unanswered
Answers buried treasure
My paws two shovels
I played in dirt all day long
Shards of discovery caught underneath my claws.

I am now a cynical cat,
Looking forward to green grass 24k magic naps
And letting loose the belly fat
Comfort zone my satisfaction
Even friend zones get more action
The yearn to learn no longer burns
The drive to thrive no longer alive
When did I stop asking why
Did I stop asking why?

Why did I stop digging;
Why did my claws stop shimmering;
Why do problems remain problems
Solutions remain illusions
Questions unanswered
So many questions left unanswered
Why does all this potential fear exploring downhill
Why does the sun go down but this moon doesn’t come up
Why do the howling wolves not lift this cat from his slumber?

Green grass 24k magic naps
When I could be pouncing on golden dreams.

I will be,
The lion whose roar makes the moon tremble;
The cheetah chasing wildfires;
The jaguar driven to race the open road
The bright-eyed kitten lives within,
The world in my paw like a ball of yarn
I will spin stories of epic proportions
Worthy of utterance in the same breath of Greek legends,

So let the curse of curiosity do its worst,
I will be the cat who dives into the ocean paws first
Even if shark fins foreshadow bloodthirst
If curiosity kills this cat…
I got eight more lives

March 20, 2017
-Bilal Moon

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