Devil’s Bridge

Devil’s Bridge

I march forward
Without your footsteps guiding me.

I turn my head
And there you are,
Never far behind

July 17, 2017
-Bilal Moon

Happy father’s day! As a little background to this poem, we were in Sedona, Arizona last year and decided to check out Devil’s Bridge. The trail to get there is almost an hour’s walk and difficult in places, but it was made extremely challenging by the fact that we went close to sunset.

About three-quarters there, my mother and sister turned around. Then as we neared the end, there was a steep and narrow path we needed to climb, and my father stopped there.

My brother and I made it to Devil’s Bridge just as the sun was starting to set. The view was beautiful. The only thing missing was the rest of my family to share it with.

Then we turned around and there he was. Our dad.

He said he’d seen a 70-year-old leaving who told him about the view. My dad, not to be one-upped by an older man conquering the climb, took that as inspiration and decided to go through with it.

And we watched the sunset together.


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