Ramadan Poetry 2017

These poems are a part of the “Poetic Journey” series. Check out the video!


It disappeared so quickly, but not without a trace. This Ramadan left a huge mark on me. That is to say, it is one of the better ones I’ve had. Part of that heightened spiritual experience and its lasting effect is because of this project I undertook.

The mission was simple: use poetry to connect to God Almighty.

I did this by writing a poem every day, the vast majority of which were inspired or related to a verse in the holy Qur’an or a saying/story (Hadith) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). This project provided a dimension to Ramadan that I hadn’t experienced before. A sustenance beyond food and drink.

I posted these poems on Instagram and Twitter, which is where you can also find the aforementioned verses, quotes, and stories from the holy Qur’an and Hadith. To bring it full circle, I’ve compiled the 30 poems into a video. Below are a few selections from the collection. I hope you too can enjoy, appreciate, and/or gain in some way from these poems, be it spiritually or in another form.

Thank you,
Bilal Moon

“So You May Gain”

Legend has it this town was blessed with
Famine and drought –
Then God

“Defying Gravity”

Do prayers
___obey the law of gravity?
______or should I
_________Wear their words like wings and
Ascend –

O’ Lord!
Compel my brow to the will of gravity.

“Beyond Words”

There is poetry in her eyes
Poetry in the sunrise
But poetry does not begin to describe
The one whose heart cries

“The Night of Power”

The night –
It breathes stardust into my soul
The twin planets weep at the beauty within
My crescent heart grows as darkness overtakes,
Then wanes as the night fades
And the twin planets weep.
For the rising sun does not shine
The way you do


If time must deprive us of your presence
Please leave behind the beauty of your essence

Ramadan 2017
-Bilal Moon

Image Sources:
Sky: https://cumbriansky.wordpress.com/page/34/
Moon: http://www.moongiant.com/phase/6/24/2017
Person: https://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-one-business-man-silhouette-looking-up-image23094193


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