My name is Bilal Moon, and I am an attempt at a poet. I’ve always had an interest in writing, but I never fostered it. After spending all of my teenage years trying to be cool and my college years working on a degree for which I have no passion, I came away with a single truth.

Ink courses through my veins.

Most of this blog will be poetry, but you’ll see the occasional diary entry, short story, op-ed, travel tips, and maybe even novel excerpts!

And keep an eye out for the occasional “Poetic Journey” video. This is a YouTube series in which I combine my adventures through different parts of the world with poetry inspired by those destinations. Taking journeys is more than a physical movement from point A to point B. It is also an internal movement, a personal and spiritual growth that we experience when we see, hear, and learn from the different cultures and traditions in our world. There is poetry in that. Truly a world of words.

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Bilal Moon